Bgreen dedicated to research in sports medicine and rehabilitation for decades.By combining the vertical vibration and periodic acceleration theory with furniture, bgreen creates the world’s first line of “sport furniture.”
BodyGreen was founded in 2005. We dedicated to promoting fitness and preserving health. We have always focused on innovation, quality and service so as to create better, safer, and more effective products, and deliver them worldwide.  In addition, the products are highly recognized around the world. Positive user feedback is highly expected. So far, BodyGreen products have won the praise from the medical and physical science field of various countries, including Sweden, France, Singapore and Taiwan.

Embrace Aging, Enjoy Health,
Live slowly like a Turtle,
Slow Exercise, Slow Workout, Slow Life.

TURTLE GYME is a pioneer in developing healthy maintenance programs by working with medical centers and physio centers. For senior citizens and people in need of rehabilitation, TURTLE GYM is the best choice to live a healthy and slow life.