A: I. Period of Warranty:
Motor: within 24 months from the date of purchase; free maintenance service
Accessory (such as remote control, power cord and adaptor etc.): within 12 months from the date of purchase; free maintenance service

II. General:
The product is under warranty effectively according to the purchase date stated on the warranty booklet. If the product malfunctions within the warranty period, the company shall repair or replace the unit free of charge. Please note the user must operate the equipment by following the instructions of the user manual.
III. Replacement of DOA product:
If the product is not working within 15 days from the date of purchase, then it is considered as DOA(dead on arrival) product. Once confirmed if the defective issue is not related to the products itself, the replacement rule is not applicable. Consumers are advised to prepare all the documents (warranty cert.), the original receipt or delivery certificate and the accessories in order to proceed with replacement.

IV. Repair Accessories Warranty:
    Our company offers an extra 90-day warranty for the new replacement accessories. Within the period (90-day), consumers are allowed to get free repair service if the same issue of the accessory occurs.

V. However, service charges will be applicable to the consumers even within the warrant period,
   1. The failure or damage is due to the buyer's act of transporting, moving, crashing, or dropping the product after purchasing.
   2. The failure or damage of the product is caused by the event of force majeure, an external or environmental factor, such as fire, earthquake, lightening, storm, flood, abnormal high voltage(caused by usage of non-original adaptor and power plug ), or other natural disasters.
   3. The consumers install, modify or attempt to repair the equipment on their own without company authorization.
   4. The damage which are not incurred due to the product defect while manufacturing, but conditions as below,
● fail to meet the power supply specification or improper use / maintenance
● damaged by rats, roaches, ants and geckos etc.
● the equipment operational environment, such as sulfur area, seaside, chemical factories, swamp gas and etc.
   5. Consumables: leather, mats and batteries, cover and machine base etc. are not in the warranty.
VI.      If warranty expires, all the adjustment and maintenance service will be charged service fee; list price of the spare part will be charged if any replacement occurs. Including delivery fee. (I.e. courier service)
A: You may refer to the warranty certificate for the period indication. We shall send our repairmen service team free of charge within the warranty period. If the warranty is expired, we shall charge the service charge and the spare parts replacement fee. Above is applicable for the domestic customers in Taiwan.
A: If you need repairmen service, please call 04-7688-8808 for the on-site service. BodyGreen shall send our team to your assigned destination. Above is applicable for the domestic customers in Taiwan.
A: If the product is considered as DOA(dead on arrival)product when you firstly unpack it.