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  • Model:P2

Product Introduction

All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow

The pillow relaxes your muscles of head, neck & shoulder.
The best gentle support of your body no matter sleeping on your back or on your side!


A pillow determines the quality of sleep.
The pillow relaxes your muscles of head, neck & shoulder, ensuring you a comfortable sleep quality.

Sleeping on your back

The best care of your head and neck
Perfect support of your head and neck which makes your sleep without any burden.

Sleeping on your side

The shoulders and the pillow curve fit lightly
Butterfly design allows the head, neck and shoulder to be perfectly supported.

Unobstructed breathing

Special Curve Design
Open up the airways, and make you breathe smooth and clear.
6 Design Guidelines。Assurance of higher quality of sleep
A pillow within science To create a more comfortable sleeping experience, we develop
All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow which is suitable for all users.

Neck Sloping Support Design
6 Design Guidelines stress relief for head & neck, ultra-light.
Ergonomic Design
Perfectly fit and comfortable without burden.
3D Design
Fit but not tight.
Comfortable and skin-friendly.
High Tech Memory Foam Mold
With high release pressure & support force without deformation.
Passed all Strict Quality Inspections
No safety concerns!
High-standard authorization certificate and inspection

The belief of making bgreen bedding accessories be the healthcare guardian
for each family for whole life is our continuous motivation!

Fabric authorization

Authorization certificate issued by the supplier

bgreen bedding accessories ensure the best quality from the material.
Passed strict inspections from the suppliers, bgreen uBed mattress series products obtain formal authorization to make you sleep at ease!

● Tencel
● Shin Cool 



Japanese antibacterial technology

Healthy sleep comes from our strict inspections

Hot and humid environments are prone to a large number of bacteria. The sweat and saliva secreted by the human body while sleeping will turn the bedding into a hotbed of breeding bacteria. It will various physical discomforts and diseases, which affects your sleep and health!

Therefore, it is essential to choose healthy beddings if you would like to have a healthy sleep. bgreen bedding accessories passed inspections by suppliers and fair labs. Japanese antibacterial technology meets strict regulations which makes it safe and reliable. You can enjoy the quality of the comfortable sleep and sleeping at ease in the same time!



French anti-mite technology

To stay away from the allergies, you could start with anti-mite!

When you roll over in your bed, dander falling makes your bedding prone to mite parasitism. It will cause cough, runny nose, allergies or other respiratory diseases, which is the factors associated with household allergens.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose healthy beddings against mites in addition to regular cleaning and maintenance. bgreen bedding accessories adopt French anti-mite technology and pass strict inspections. Let bgreen uBed mattress series guard the lifelong health of your whole family!

Strict inspections

International certificates make you use at ease!

Sleep takes up a third of our lifetime.
In addition to anti-bacteria and anti-mite, we must pay more attention to our personal beddings. The long-term accumulation of volatile odors and chemicals contained in beddings is harmful to the health far beyond our imagination!

bgreen bedding accessories products pass international safety inspections. We insist the strictest check-ups from the materials, taking care of the health of you and your family. bgreen aims to create a healthy and safe sleeping environment!


Exclusive Patent
Perfect ergonomic 3D design

  • Extraordinary ergonomic design of the All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow stabilizes and relaxes your body when sleeping on your back.
  • The heightening design on both sides of the All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow fits the widths of your shoulders and stabilizes your body when sleeping on yours side.

    The High-tech memory foam is molded by high shock absorption and pressure release materials to provides the best healthcare and support while sleeping.

8 Features for comprehensive sleeping care

Best combination for stress relief and sleep.
Enjoy the deep and comfortable sleep.

Stress Relieving
Skin friendly & Breathable
Cool & Comfortable

Good sleep environment needs to be created elaborately.

With All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow and Relegs, sleeping coud be very enjoyable!
The better sleep we have, the better quality of life will be!


bgreen Bedding Accessories

Washing Instructions

Pillow core

  • Prevent heat and sun exposure to avoid deterioration of the pillow core.
  • Keeping the environment well ventilated will help maintain the elasticity of the pillow core. Dehumidifier is suggested for keeping normal humidity in the space which extends the lifespan of the pillow.
  • Please do not wash, dry, iron, dryclean, and bleach the pillow core. Vacuum cleaner is suggested for removing the dirt on the surface of the pillow core.


  • Pillowcase is washable. Please do not scrub, dry, iron, dryclean, and bleach the pillowcase. Avoid prolonged soaking for less than 5 minutes.
  • Please hand wash the pillowcase inside out gently. Minimize frictions to reduce the chance of fluffing.
  • Please machine wash the pillowcase inside out and place it into the mesh bag before washing.
  • To avoid color bleed, please wash separately from other clothes or fabrics.
  • Please use neutral detergent for washing. Avoid the usage of detergents containing chemical ingredients like bleach, fluorescent brightener, and fabric softener.
  • Please dry in the ventilated place after spinning. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

Storage Condition

  • Place the pillow in the ventilated and dry environment, preventing it from heat and humidity.
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure.


All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow
The indicative size is for reference only. Actual product may vary.

Product Remark

Product name:All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow
Model No:P2
Weight:Soft Type about 1.7 kg
    Comfortable Type about 2 kg
Dimension:About W60 x D38 x H15cm
Main unit:Advanced memory foam
Material of pillow case:
(Inner) Cotton & Polyester
(External) TENCEL™ LYOCELL & Polyester

✓Storage Condition
Place in ventilated and dry environment, preventing from light, heat and humidity.
Please use the product in the correct way and avoid using by children alone.