A: 1. The owner of the equipment shall ensure that all users have thoroughly read the User Manual, and understand the functions and usages, and follow the instructions to operate the machine.
2. Do not place and operate the machine outdoor, and keep away from humid, wet, hot, and dirty environment.
3. Child above six year-old must be accompanied by an adult while using the equipment.
4. Do not exceed the weight carrying capacity.
5. Keep the power cord away from heat; discontinue the machine when it is not functioning well or when the power cord is not working well. Please contact our service personnel.
6. Do not attempt to repair and modify the machine without approval from the seller in order to prevent from damages and injuries.
7. Start using the machine at a lower speed mode and increase the speed accordingly. Do not start with higher speed mode before you warming up. The more comfortable speed you apply, the better effect you get.
8. Do not reach into the gap between the plate and the base while the machine is operating.
9. Do not touch or unplug the power cord when hands are wet in case of electrical shock. Please unplug the power cord if long-term no-use.
10. Do not idle the machine for the sake of security.
11. Do not place any heavy items on the plate when the machine is not in use.
12. Remove fragile items from your body while using the machine. e.g.: watch, cell phone and jewelry, and do not place them on the plate, either.
13. The machine is designed with an automatic overload self-protection system. The machine will automatically shut down if overload. Please turn off the power for 1 minute and restart, use the machine within the weight carrying capacity. If it still does not work, please contact your distributor.
A: No special maintenance required, only the daily cleaning to be noticed. Please note to take and put down the equipment carefully.
A: Approximately 10 years for a normal family; every one of the family operates the equipment 30 minutes per time; three times a day.
A: 1. Please check if the power cord is plugged into the transformer tightly.
2. Remote Control Running out of Battery.
When the remote control is not sensitive enough, please replace with a new battery. Please use 23AE 12V battery.
3. If the situations above are eliminated, but the equipment still does not function properly. Please re-program the remote control.
A: 1. Please unplug the power cord for 30 seconds, and then plug in.
2. After plugging in, press AUTO2 and STOP buttons at the same time within 5 seconds, the equipment makes one beep sound.
Continue pressing (do not let go) AUTO2 and STOP buttons, the equipment makes two beep sounds after another 5 seconds.
If it does not work, please try again.
A: Horizontal adjustment needs to be done before operation. When you decide the proper location for the bed, please make sure the rubber dampers of the base touch the ground tightly, then secure the nuts. If you need to move the equipment somewhere else, please follow the instruction above and re-adjust.

[Adjustment Procedure]
1. Manually adjust the rubber dampers till they touch the ground tightly
2. Apply 14mm Wrench Open End and turn right to secure the nuts of the rubber dampers.