A: 1. Please unplug the power cord for 30 seconds, and then plug in.
2. After plugging in, press AUTO2 and STOP buttons at the same time within 5 seconds, the equipment makes one beep sound.
Continue pressing (do not let go) AUTO2 and STOP buttons, the equipment makes two beep sounds after another 5 seconds.
If it does not work, please try again.
A: Horizontal adjustment needs to be done before operation. When you decide the proper location for the bed, please make sure the rubber dampers of the base touch the ground tightly, then secure the nuts. If you need to move the equipment somewhere else, please follow the instruction above and re-adjust.

[Adjustment Procedure]
1. Manually adjust the rubber dampers till they touch the ground tightly
2. Apply 14mm Wrench Open End and turn right to secure the nuts of the rubber dampers.
A: Drink 200cc ~ 300cc warm water before training.
Drink 200cc ~ 300cc warm water after training.
Training time: 1 hour before or after meals.
Training period: 15 minutes for the first week; 30 minutes
for the following week, at least twice in the morning and at night.
For Weight Loss Management: do not eat or drink (soft drink) after 2 hours of training, only warm water or warm sugar-free soymilk is allowed.
* Speed of Training:  Depend on the most comfortable speed of individual for the best health effects.
A: People from 6-year-old to 100-year-old can use the vibration equipment. However, people under below conditions are not allowed to use, pregnancy, children below 6-year-old, heart with metal device, acute facture, surgical wound, acute inflammation with infection and fever, fresh wound and spine with implant. As for people who suffer from prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, it is advised to kneel down and lie on the equipment; standing posture is not allowed.
A: It depends on the purpose which the user would like to achieve; 15 minutes per time, once a day for regular health care; 15 minutes per time, three times or four times a day for weight loss; if you would like to improve the control of hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia & hypertension, increase the bone density, please use the equipment 15 minutes per time, twice a day (in the morning and at night.
A: No side effect occurs. Vibration is the most environmental and the safest exercise. Some people may feel numb, sleepy, dizzy, tired, itchy, sore & stiff shoulder, farts very often and have frequent bowel movement due to personal body constitution after using the vibration equipment. The symptoms above are the signs to show the improvement of body circulation, the symptoms shall disappear after 1 week. If the symptoms do not disappear, please go to the hospital for physical examination in case of hidden disease.
A: Pregnant woman, woman in confinement period after child birth, patients with eye diseases such as retinal detachment and floaters, patients who have just undergone surgery or wounds that have not healed, and patients with fractures or person who needs to rest for convalescence, or child under 6 year-old.
A: During vibration exercise, you might feel:

During vibration training, your body might itch partially. This is a sign of blood circulation acceleration. The itch comes from inner body which means body cells are being activated, blood flow and lymphatic metabolism have been increased. Continuously using, the symptoms would be eliminated/ gone.

The blood flow increases during vibration training, it will create an impact when it meets blockage. In the process of clearing blockage in vessels, you might feel palsy, which is a good sign. Continuous vibration training can improve this situation.

During vibration training, your neck, lower back, arms, joints or muscle might feel sore.This is caused by cumulative fatigue. Strain or tension can result in body tissue damage and decline of antibody. Soreness you feel will be improved through continuous whole body vibration training.
Pain might occur at some parts of your body during vibration training. This indicates cumulative fatigue has caused partial occlusion in your body. This situation will be more apparent for those who seldom exercise. Pain will be eliminated through continuous vibration training.