Product Details


  • Model:BH1

Product Introduction

Extreme ergonomic and fitting design

Soaked in the warm and loving health care, as if you are returning to mother’s hug with the most familiar security.


6 Features

01 Ultimately perfect health care   
The wrap up design gently holds your body and make it fully relaxed.

02 Removable head and neck pillow design   
You could remove it as you wish, just relax with ease and flexibility.

 Integrated seat and foot-resting design   
Let vibration waves transmit from your toe to head, gently stimulating your cells to get comprehensive care.

Selected High Tech leather
Well-ventilated, soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly

High hardness steel structure design   
Stable and durable integrated body structure

Exclusive ultra-quiet and powerful motor design   
Special-developed motor along with high-precision mechanical modules make sport furniture comfortable and ultra-quiet.
Enjoy exercising without limitation
Simple operations

15 minutes non-stop exercising without a timer
Every vibrating circle is 15 minutes. Just sit on the uChair and press the start button, you can enjoy vibration and relax your body at ease.

One-button and intuitive design make Sport Furniture user-friendly.   
Everyone can operate easily and enjoy vibration including senior citizens, adults and children.
03 Automatic setting programs mix different frequency and durations, bringing different vibration experiences for you! 
3 vibrating mode with different frequency and durations create different benefits with much fun.


Perfect combination of sport technology and furniture design

Innovative exercise method combining sport technology makes it safer and more effective. To satisfy your desire of exercise, it is the best choice for those who are too lazy to exercise, unable to exercise, and having no time and space to exercise.


Research and scholar support

Health is a lifelong matter. With cautious attitudes and verifications of countless researches over the years, the health benefits of sports furniture are highly recommended by experts and scholars.

Worldwide patents and FDA/CE

n the basis of research and clinical verifications over past decades, we won the multi-national invention patents and certification which guarantee the safety while usage for consumers.

Recommended by the expert

"Sport furniture is the perfect invention of sports technology combines with furniture craftsmanship. It's one of the most innovative, functional and stress- relieving products nowadays. It optimizes our lives through passive movement and makes our lives full of enjoyment, happiness and health."

The Pioneer of Sports Medicine in Taiwan
PH.D Jin-Jong Chen

The First Graduate of M.D. National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Ph.D. University of Virginia, U.S.A.
Physician of Aerospace Medical Association, U.S.A.
Visiting Scholar , Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, U.S.A. 
Director, Exercise and Health Science Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Stress Relief Exercise Chair Perfect combination of exercise and sleep
The indicative size is for reference only. Actual product may vary.

Product Remark

Product name:uChair
Model No:BH1
Frequency:About 3 ~ 13 Hz
Amplitude: vertical about 2 mm
Operation:Wireless Remote Control,7 Level Frequency,3 Auto Programs
Time Setting:15 min.
Voltage:AC 220 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Power:about 375 W (Max)
Main material:High hardness steel + Selected High Tech leather
Dimension:About L 1580 x W 760 x H 880 mm
Weight:About 67.5 kg
Capacity:About 180 kg