Product Details

BR1 Plus

  • Model:BR1 Plus

Product Introduction

Perfect combination of vibration and sofa
Single equipment with multi-functional use You can own health and space in the same time

2MM amplitude

Perfect vibration exercise for your body
It is much different between massage and vibration.
 To relieve pain, there’s a better choice.
Stress relief - uChair gives you a reason to love exercising.
It is not that hard to make it!

Own a slender figure for a graceful lifestyle!
Free from worries, you’ll have a light and beautiful world.

Stretching can be very relaxing!

Exercise your body to relax and stay away from pain.


Rest in motion- Sleep in everyday!
 Exercise more, sleep more!

Perfect ergonomic design

Relax your body at the most comfortable level!

Selected High Tech leather
 soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly

Removable head and neck pillow design
You could remove it as you wish, just relax with ease and flexibility.

Handmade elaborate beech footstool design
 Rest your feet on the footstool to reduce calf tensions, you may get maximum relaxation.

Enjoy exercise without limitation
 User-friendly one-button design without complicated interface

Comprehensive health perspective

Exercising and relaxation can be achieved all at once.


Your best partner at work!
To relieve physical fatigues makes you work efficiently!

Best partner in your life!
Make home a real place for relaxing!

Your best workout partner!

Turn your home into a gym! Exercise can be more efficient by saving the round-trip time.
The indicative size is for reference only. Actual product may vary.

Product Remark

Product name:uChair
Model No:BR1 Plus
Frequency:About 3 ~ 13 Hz
Amplitude: vertical about 2 mm
Operation:Wireless Remote Control,7 Level Frequency,3 Auto Programs
Time Setting:15 min.
Voltage:AC 220 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Power:about 375 W (Max)
Main material:High hardness steel + Selected High Tech leather
Dimension: About L 1450 x W 750 x H 960 mm
Weight:About 72.5 kg
Capacity:About 180 kg