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  • Model:M1

Product Introduction

uFit Vibration Machine
Awaken the vitality of life, brew healthy energy

Let the maple leaves pass happiness and
protect your health with vibration

Maple Leaf has a poetic meaning ...
let our mind peaceful and warm
it is like the five fingers of our hands, a symbol of tolerance 
it sprout / grow / turn red / re-germination process
like vibration, our exudes from the inside out health and well-being
awaken vitality, perfect presentation of body positive energy cycle

between cycle, the hidden energy is released
to promote the unity of body and soul, to the realm of the natural balance of healthy
enjoyment of active energy in the process of beating the rhythm
to make healthy energy filled in everywhere in the body

Maple Leaf Meditation

Connect every precious soul, give blessings and make others rich in power

And maple leaf also represents a symbol of spiritual transmission.
Some people said it transmit love, some people said it transmit hope.
But the most important thing is that it is a happy inheritance.
We pass the happiest faith
to people around us through maple leaves
be it recount of thoughts, recount of messages
but the most important thing is the trust between people.
Communication beyond language is a kind of soul dialogue,
so that the soul has a reason to move

M1 uFit Vibration Machine brings a new concept of sports to life
Demonstrate the perfect fusion of aesthetics and mechanics to create a comfortable and natural sports atmosphere.


Take care of yourself and take care of your family

Take care of the health of yourself and your family with vibration

Maintain a healthy look

Vibration can keep people healthy and maintain a healthy look

Protect the health of family members

Protect the health of the family and create happiness and happiness together
uFit Vibration Machine   Born for health
The perfect interpretation of traditional and modern fashion‧deliver happiness and endless vitality


Alderwood natural environmental protection
Carefully selected natural red alder solid wood, natural texture with stable texture, natural color and uniform texture, reduce processing for the high environmental protection characteristics

The perfect interpretation of the laser carving process
The application of laser carving technology and technology uses temperature to bring out the moist texture and taste of alder wood.

Millennium tenon process technology
The solidity and durability created by solid wood tenon joint technology also means the inherited spirit of the millennium tenon joint process.

Mosaic craft shows taste
The application of the inlay process combining alder wood and stainless steel further enhances the beauty and value of the furniture.

High-precision vibration movement
Give the body a more powerful stimulation of safe vibration movements, and enjoy the activities that vibration gives to the body.

150 kg load capacity
The sturdy and durable 150 kg load capacity makes the vibration movement more secure

Ultra-quiet power design
After several years of hard work, the Bgreen team has developed a super-powered precision control motor, combined with Bgreen's exclusive invention patent high-precision mechanism module, to create a perfect comfortable and ultra-quiet sports furniture.

A perfect match for home space
Combining traditional and modern design elements, it can be perfectly integrated into various styles of home space.


Just 15 minutes a day, it's easy to maintain exercise habits
Whether sitting or standing, 15 minutes a day to keep you in good exercise habits
15 minutes, 10 vibration patterns, enjoy unlimited exercise


There are similarities between the vibration exercise and the rope skipping exercise

Rope skipping is a simple but high-intensity whole-body movement. Its movement method is to jump up and down vertically to drive the whole body up and down.
So when skipping a rope, all tissues of the human body are simultaneously trained and developed,
From this exercise process, more exercise benefits are obtained, which in turn makes the body healthier and stronger.

Taiwan's pioneer in sports medicine, truly recommended

Motion maintains health, peacefulness maintains heart
Priority of maintaining the health is maintaining the heart
Priority of maintaining the heart is Relaxation

The vertical vibration that drives the human body to move up and down through the device has a movement effect that cannot be achieved by autonomous movement. During the movement of passive vertical vibration, the muscles of the whole body can contract and stretch, and the body can be completely relaxed. A relaxed and comfortable way to exercise.

Professor Chen Jin-Jong
National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, Professor of Sports Medicine

- Aerospace Medicine Professional Physician
Chairman of Taiwan Sports and Health Society
Chairman, Republic of China National Aerobics Sports Association 
- The First Graduate of M.D. National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
- Ph.D. University of Virginia, USA
- Visiting Scholar, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, USA
- Director, Exercise and Health Science Research Center, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Sports furniture to meet human needs of promoting health through exercise
In the development of sports furniture, we spent countless hours delving into the world's top sports and medical journals, exploring non-invasive health promotion solutions, and found the methods we wanted, and these passive sports methods have also passed decades of clinical research and confirmed that it has powerful benefits for human health.

However, how to transform the results and benefits of these studies into sports furniture commodities to solve people's desire for sports to promote health.

After ten years of research and development, we have achieved it and won invention patents in many countries around the world.

We not only solved the problem of sports safety, but also solved the problems of human nature, comfort, energy saving and noise during the movement of sports furniture, and able to enjoy the fun of exercise in a very quiet state at home

Bgreen General Manager / Director of Global Product Development


Won multi-national invention patents

Years of research have accumulated abundant R & D technical energy and won many national invention patents
Patent certification to ensure the safety of consumers



Drive away fatigue. Relax the brain
Health experts suggest that shaking your body up and down every day and doing appropriate exercise can eliminate physical and mental fatigue, help release stress, and recharge your health.
Gentle movement. Health comes along 
Vibration exercise is more gentle than intense exercise, it can enhance all aspects of the body's ability, and thus improve physical fitness, so that the body and mind can be perfectly reconciled,
Then achieve the purpose of maintaining health exercise, thereby easily enjoy the healthy and stress relief high-quality life.
Let exercise matches perfectly in every corner of the home


uFit Vibration Machine
The size is measured manually, the specific size is inevitably slightly different, please refer to the actual product

Product Remark

Product name:uFit
Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration
Model No:M1
Frequency: About 3 ~ 13 Hz
Power:AC 100 ~ 120V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Amplitude: vertical about 3 mm
Capacity:About 150 kgs
Maximum Power Consumption: 375W (Max)
Dimension: About L 620 x W 410 x H 225 mm
Product Weight:About 37 kgs