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Product Introduction


Immerse yourself in the vibrant green life

Immersion green life series captures the beauty of life in nature
Let you wander in a comfortable feeling full of vitality.

Perfect vertical harmonic vibration exercise

Whole Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration

Over the years, numerous studies have proved that through the action of gravity, the Whole-Body Vertical Harmonic Vibration exercise can achieve overall health effects.
Its innovative sports technology makes exercise safer and more effective and meets the needs of human nature.
It is the best exercise choice for too lazy to exercise, unable to exercise, no time and no space to exercise.


Home exercise Start immediately

The busy modern life often makes people have no time to exercise. From now on, through sports furniture to create a natural and comfortable home exercise atmosphere, with a balanced diet and adequate sleep, you can easily and simply cultivate the good habit of exercise. Starting from the “heart”, let the healthy home exercise become the best start.

Craftmanship.Inherited and collected the classics


ufit immersion in the green life with harmonic vibration design features

Immersion in the green life
Pass on happiness and endless vitality

High-quality Beech
Strictly selected natural beech wood from the forest. With the gentle texture and natural color, you can also feel the natural breath when you exercise at home.


Thousand-year mortise and tenon process technology
The sturdiness build by solid wood tenoning technology is more representative of the inheritance spirit of the millennium tenoning process.

Perfect interpretation of laser engraving craftsmanship
The application of the laser engraving technology sets off the gentle texture and the taste of beech with temperature.


High-precision vibration exercise
Give the body stronger and safer vibration exercise stimulation and enjoy the active jumps given to the body by the vibration.


Perfect proportion design
Combine aesthetics and mechanics in one, exquisite and beautiful with extreme high-quality. Using it while sitting is getting more and more comfortable.

120 kg load capacity
Super long warranty, sturdy and durable 120 kg load capacity, small size but great load capacity.

Ultra-quiet and powerful motor design
After several years of hard work, bgreen team has developed a super powered motor combined with bgreen's exclusive invention patented high-precision mechanism module, to create a perfect, comfortable, and ultra-quiet sports furniture.

Perfect match for home space
Combining traditional and modern design elements, it can be perfectly integrated into various styles of home space.


Enjoy exercising without any limitations

Easily enjoy the most pleasant exercise time and fun of a day.
Vibration exercise is an exercise without the limit of time and space. Whether in spring, summer, autumn, winter, sunny or rainy, cold, or hot, it will accompany you to exercise without interruption.

Expert's sincere recommendation

Health is a lifelong matter. With a rigorous attitude and the support of many experts and scholars over the years, the health benefits of sports furniture are highly recommended and supported by experts and scholars, so that consumers can feel at ease and more convincing.

A great industrial design master

The design team led by Professor Manfred won 4 major international design awards (German iF, German Red-dot, American IDEA, Japanese G-mark) in just ten years, a total of 375 pieces. No one can beat him to this day.

He was also invited to be the judge for internationally renowned design awards such as the German iF Design Award, the Japanese Good Design Award, the Hong Kong Asian Most Influential Design Award, and the Australian International Design Awards.


Our technology, visible for the world

With more than 16 years rich technology and R&D ability, constantly innovating and making breakthroughs.  Its strength is visible to the world, as the leader on the top of the world. 

Details, worth the test

bgreen Sports Furniture has always upheld the persistence to quality details. The stunning curves and arcs handcrafted by the master’s century-old heritage craftsmanship, are gentle and natural to highlight the fashion taste. Let us create a home living space full of “Love” and “Health” for you.

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