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  • Model:BR2

Product Introduction


Furniture and sports innovation
Won invention patents in many countries around the world

bgreen perfectly combines sports technology with furniture craftsmanship and uses regular vibration movements to gently stimulate every part of the body from the inside out. And then achieve the state of preserving the health in motion and nourishing the mind in calmness. When in motion, vibration exercise will bring you a brand-new healthy feast.  


Subvert your imagination of furnitur

bgreen Exercise Regimen Chair, under the guidance of Professor Manfred Wang, the greatest industrial design master in Taiwan, has completed a nearly perfect, concise, and stylish design, fused with top modern home life aesthetics, and made exercising more stylish and elegant. Exceed your imagination of furniture, so that furniture is no longer just furniture, but the most dazzling fashion art of the home.


The sofa I dream of

I never thought that a sofa full of vitality would make exercise so relaxing and enjoyable
Achieve the highest state of preserving the health in motion and nourishing the mind in calmness.
Gave me a brand-new healthy feast, instantly rejuvenated my vitality.
My secret to keep healthy and young forever is in bgreen Exercise Regimen Chair.

Design highlights

01  Inherit the hand-cutting craftsmanship of a century-old master
The master craftsman integrated molding and hand-cutting process which has improved the ergonomic design, suitability and covering to a higher level.

02  Premium Nappa top-layer thick cowhide originally imported from Italy
The leather adopts a strict standard tanning process, and the natural texture displayed by the nature flutter is rich in luster, full of strong fashion charm, and the quality surpasses the premium sofas imported from Europe.

03  It has exercise and regimen modes simultaneously, so that the whole family can enjoy being healthy with no limits.    
The world’s first invention patent with dual amplitude and different intensities of exercise functions makes the choice of exercise mode more arbitrary. 

04  Ultra-quiet and powerful motor design    
After several years of hard work, bgreen team has developed a super powered motor combined with bgreen's exclusive invention patented high-precision mechanism module, to create a perfect, comfortable, and ultra-quiet sports furniture.

05  The ultimate perfect health care   
The perfect combination of sports technology allows the body to achieve the purpose of total relaxation and exercise regimen.

06  Double amplitude, each with 12-stage frequency and speed control
Two vertical vibration exercises with different amplitude, each with 12-stage control speed, make the exercise experience more delicate and nuanced, feel zero-limit, and meet the different health needs of the whole family.

07  High hardness steel structure design   
The stable and durable integrated body structure design makes the furniture more secure, stable, and comfortable.

08  Removable neck protector and pressure relief pillow and footstool
From head to toe according to the body shape as you wish and be more comfortable by relaxing the whole body.


Improve protection and enjoy exercising without limits.

In the exercising pressure relief function, a new generation of dual-motor invention patented mechanism developed has been used. 
It can have two different amplitude adjustments at the same time, and the speed has been increased from the original 7-stage to 12-stage.
Two 12-stage fixed frequency plus 3 automatic programs for regimen and exercise modes, a total of 27 adjustment modes.
Make the experience of vibration exercise more humane, customized and detailed.


Comfort, Ultra-quiet

Exclusive invention patented high-precision mechanism module, super-powered precision control motor can perfectly resist noise even at high frequency, creating perfect comfortable and ultra-quiet exercise furniture.


Create a classic footstool design

The simple and fashionable geometric design of natural beech solid wood, the footstool extends the area and the most comfortable slope. No matter which body shape, the legs can be more supported and relaxed. The minimalist solid wood design combines visual beauty and natural beech quality to add an artistic atmosphere to the house.

Leather material carefully selected for you

Our cowhide leather is made of carefully selected premium Nappa top layer thick cowhide imported
Soft touch, excellent texture, exuding elegant and luxurious plump luster
As rich and full of flavor as the journey of life.


Pick your favorite leather color

8 leather colors create classics for different home space
Natural and harmonious colors combined with delicate craftsmanship techniques allow you to choose freely
Match your lifestyle and find your unique taste

Simple control with no burden
One button to start exercise immediately

Vertical double amplitude design, delicate and precise definition of vibration feeling

The fixed frequency is 30 minutes, and the automatic mode is 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about timing when you exercise. You can easily feel the comfortable feast that the vibration sends to the body by just pressing a button while sitting on the exercise regimen chair.



Expert's sincere recommendation

Health is a lifelong matter. With a rigorous attitude and the support of many experts and scholars over the years, the health benefits of sports furniture are highly recommended and supported by experts and scholars, so that consumers can feel at ease and more convincing.

A great Master of Industrial Design

He is Professor Manfred Wang Qianrui. The design team led by Manfred won 4 major international design awards in just 10 years (Germany iF, Germany Red-dot, America IDEA, Japan G-mark) with total of 375 pieces, and no one has yet to match them.
He was also invited to serve as an international judge for internationally renowned design awards, such as the Germany iF Design Award, the Japan Good Design Award, the Hong Kong Asia Most Influential Design Award, and the Australia International Design Awards…etc.


Our technique, the world can see

With more than 16 years rich technology and R&D ability, constantly innovating and making breakthroughs.  
Its strength is visible to the world, as the leader on the top of the world. 

Details, worth testing

bgreen Sports furniture has always persisted to the insistence on quality details.
A century-old inherited master craftsman hand-created an amazing immersion in the green life feeling,
which is gentle and natural to highlight the fashion taste.
Let us create a home living space full of “love” and “health” for you,
and protect the health for a lifetime of your whole family.

It is inevitable that there are some slight differences from manual measurement of size/weight and actual size/weight. Please refer to the actual product.
The product may have color difference due to the photo shooting effect and the color of the screen. Please refer to the actual product.

Product Remark

Product Name: uChair Exercise Regimen Chair
Model No.: BR2
Frequency: V1 Vertical about 3 – 16 Hz
V2 Vertical about 3 – 110 Hz
Amplitude: V1 Vertical about 1 mm
V2 Vertical about 3 mm
Operation: Wireless Remote Control
Operation Programs:
12 Fixed Frequency Adjustment Selections+3 sets of Automatic program functions
* V1 mode and V2 mode can only pick either one to use at the same time
Time Setting: 30 minutes of fixed frequency, 30 minutes of automatic mode
Voltage: AC 110 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Power: Max About 50 W
External Structure: High hardness steel + Imported premium Italian thick Nappa Cowhide
Dimensions: Approximately L 1600 x W 750 x H 1000 mm
Load Weight: Approximately 180 kg
Product Weight: Approximately 106.5 kg