Environmental Responsibility

Bgreen knows the responsibility to protect the environment deeply and endeavors to be the world-class environmental protection model for the sustainable environmental development. We shall carry out our duties by abiding by the laws, utilizing the resources well, preventing from pollution, controlling the risk, developing the environmental protection culture and fulfilling the social responsibility.

►Eco-friendly Manufacturing
To make the possible pollution risk assessment during manufacturing process regularly, and to utilize the energy and resource well.

►Eco-friendly Design
The design concept maintains the idea of energy saving and innovation simultaneously.
To meet customer’s need on the one hand, to reduce the harm from the raw material purchasing in order to eliminatie the recycle process on the other hand.

►Eco-friendly Benefit
To comply with the local environmental rules, and take the active measures to protect and improve our environment.

In order to make the world a better place, we are responsible for developing eco-friendly products.
With the mission to protect the environment, we are leading the way to better future.